Siam Park, the next big addition to the 2012 PWA wave tour?

Yes indeed! According to an inside information PWA is about to organize 2 major wave events this year in Siam Park in Tenerife which will count in the wave world title.

Good news is that there is a leaked document saying that a major sponsor (energy drink) is behind this effort trying to bring windsurfing back to the spotlight.

Bad news is that  the 2012 Tenerife and Pozo events, which were still under a TBC state, are about to be postponed.


For this reason the Siam Park is under a huge make over  which will finally broaden the riding area up to 200 meters and at the same time allow the addition of the newly developed fan system that will produce a 20-35 knots air stream with variable angle to the wave axis, allowing  the imitation of a real-world  side-on and side-off event.

Due to the prevailing wind in the Canaries area, the fan system will be installed on the right side of the pool giving a bonus to the starboard tack lovers, and probably firing up the chase for the wave world title.  (which for the past years was decided only on port tack wave destinations)

What do you think?

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