Adam Sims on the EFPT Centaur King of the Wind

Last week while watching live the PWA at Sylt we noticed that somebody was missing. Apparently it was one of UK’s top freestylers, Adam Sims. We caught up with him and asked him a few questions…

While watching the PWA live I noticed that I didn’t see any of your famous culos. Am I missing something?

 Adam Sims: Yes I think so, the flash of Ginger Ninja 😉 Ahhh competing… well for this event I had a couple reasons not to go but the real main reason was quite suddenly becoming part of a team of organisers (XPLG) for this EFPT Centaur King of the Wind tour finale.

Tell us, how did the upcoming EFPT event in UK come about and are you actively involved in it?

Well actually there was no real starting point to it, I saw there was a need for another event on the tour. It was in Fuerteventura and just before where we (myself and Sam Burnett) were really talking about it with a few riders and wondering why some competitors couldn’t make it to the stop in Greece. Why was this tour appearing to shrink? Last year wasn’t the best, two stops pulled out at the last minute and the other two were ‘blessed’ with virtually zero wind. That was probably the worst timing in the tours history to have such a bad year. So Sam and I discussed the potential, over a good 1-8 drinks of an event at the end of the year in the UK. Then all went quiet whilst PWA Fuerteventura was on and we regained our thoughts over that hazy chat. Finally we re-grouped over email and got to work. Approaching sponsors, being turned away about 100 times because we had virtually a pencil drawing on a piece of paper for a proposal. Finally with a decent proposal, the right people behind us and the council’s approval we managed to launch the Centaur King of the Wind. Really though we only started on this properly about a month ago, so this gave us two months to bang our heads together and make it work.

What is the plan and will there be any side events?

Initially, it was all about the competing and the sponsor (Centaur Travel) was also keen to see it take place at the site of this summers Olympic Games, to show their continued support of sites that the public would perhaps perceive to now be a little too costly for their original purpose, the Games. So yes there will be four days of epic windsurfing in flat waters and variable wind strengths. It’s common to be quite stormy at this time of the year and the Atlantic also keeps temperatures fairly mild for both sea and air.

Alongside the Centaur King of the Wind EFPT Championship show down will be the Femi Pleasure Queen of the Wind, a weekend event for the ladies with €250 prize money and some seriously cool clothing up for grabs.

Annnd on top of that will be two great VIP party nights organised by the now, quite famous, Globalshots and we are just clearing a Femi Pleasure fashion show/acoustic night on the Sunday to go hand in hand with the Femi Pleasure Queen of the Wind prize giving.

What about some tow-in?

Best till last. This is why we have had to hold off with the schedule and releasing too much information as we only just received the final confirmation from the council that we can go ahead with a tow-in super session. This will take place in town, about a mile or so from the main event site, so we will have to relocate a bit but it will run alongside the traditional Bonfire Night Celebrations that the council will put on. A full schedule can be seen on our website. The best highlight for windsurfing is that an average of 15,000 people come to watch the display each year, and the night will be capped off with an epic Global Rave!

I heard some rumours that you’ll soon be riding for another brand. Knowing your commitment to Patrik shall we suppose that it’s the end between you and RRD sails? 

Yes the ‘rumours’ are true. Actually it has been a really shaky year for sponsorship but I eventually settled with Patrik Diethelm boards, a bit of a no brainer! The sails took a bit longer but I’m now moving on to Sailloft Hamburg. Not so well known in the UK but I’m pretty sure their reputation will spread as soon as people get to try them and realise that they are built to last!

So how is all the new gear working out for you?

Yeh great, the boards are awesome, I have no complaints and find it hard to work out how it could be changed for the better. The sails I’ve used a few times now and I find myself blasting fully powered up on a sail that is a lot smaller than I would normally use, they are really well balanced and you get a lot of lift in moves, so pretty ideal for freestyle then! See you in Weymouth!

Thanks Adam!

Cheeeers 🙂

More info on the EFPT event on

Awesome pics: Hana Poschinger

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