2013 sickest freestyle video!

If someone ever asked me what is this freestyle thing about then I would choose  to play nothing else but this video.  Michael Sumereder with this piece of videography raises the bar while capturing freestyle windsurfing at it’s best. It could have easily been a freestyle part on a DVD you paid for (actually it might be better that some I have recently bought) with some killer music (Pink Floyd, J.J. Johnson, Method Man…) and some action you would die for. Tonky -longest willy on earth- Frans, Steven Van Broekhoven, Davy Scheffers, Yarden -unmatched style- Meier together with Kiri Thode, Youp Schmit, Bjorn Saragoza and Amado Vrieswijk in (by far) the sickest windsurfing freestyle video for 2013!


  1. are the sickest moves ever!!! willy to switch pop shove it is even better!!!

  2. Steve

    Greatest Freestyle Video This Decade!! Well Done Fellas!

  3. Lovely video!!!!!
    The idea of freestyle video is fantastic. This gives a unique look to video.

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