Is he the most creative windsurfer?

We are running a blog about the creative side of windsurfing and therefore we couldn’t miss this one.  This guy takes creativity in (non planning) freestyle windsurfing to another level.  And when wind picks up he shows an aggressive style in power moves! We’re big fans of Caesar Finies. Watch him doing his thing at Sorobon, his home spot in Bonaire.


  1. Jeff and Linda Goldman

    Jeff and I Love watching Caesar out at Sorobon…

  2. Beth winkler

    I’m a BIG fan of Caesar’s . His moves will amaze and entertain you. He also uses that creativity as an excellent teacher. And he always has a smile.

  3. Roland Kirst

    Unbelievable – this is the magician and master of wind! I have never seen anything like that before!!!

  4. Robby Naish

    This guy is amazing indeed, and like myself, he learnt everything from Nico and JB.

  5. who are Nico & JB, they must be well on in years by now?

  6. JB

    Nico is the most incredible windsurfer I’ve ever met. Never managed to reach a tenth of what he is capable. I think he made its first flaka in his mothets belly! And he is extremelly well membred.

  7. Guigou

    My mast, they call it:”le loup blanc”.

  8. Max

    Pazzesco!!! Really crazy!!!

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